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  • Mamapacha White with Turquoise tassel

Mamapacha White with Turquoise tassel




Among the Ashaninka, history and nature are explained through myth and heroes. Mamapacha is the quechuan word for Mother Earth. Mamapacha is a goddess revered by the indigenous people, in their mythology she is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting and also an ever present and independent deity in their daily life who has her own self sufficient and creative power to sustain life on this earth.

For this limited  edition collection, we not only drew inspiration from the myth of Mamapacha, but also from what she fosters, the vibrant colors of the plants and flowers, as well as the exotic animals that thrive in her vast landscape.

Mamapacha collection is our unique take on our classic mala featuring 54 beads and two colorful tassels making this a go-to statement piece. Wear it long, double up or wrap it on your wrist.

Materials: 100 % organic amazonian seeds, .925 sterling silver leaf charms, 100 % organic cotton pima

Fit & Size: One size fits all 

Detail: 102 cm long included tassels

Please note : Like our classic collection each Mamapacha necklace is one- of -a kind combination and you might receive a different leaf charm.

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