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  • MINDFUL MOVEMENT with Professional Dancer and YRT-500 Jack Waldas * Session : LIVE FULL PACKAGE - 3 Classes

MINDFUL MOVEMENT with Professional Dancer and YRT-500 Jack Waldas * Session : LIVE FULL PACKAGE - 3 Classes




Do you get bored practicing yoga or pilates? Does the idea of hiking or running fill you with fatigue? Do you experience inexplicable resistance to a sport that would actually be healthy for you? All of these reactions are very human and all of them have to do with mindfulness.

Join Jack Waldas for this Mindful Movement Class  with Q & A :  Full package   and discover how to engage  you body- mind-energy system in whatever movement -form suits you.  In these 3  session classes you will have the opportunity to:

1) Recreate your relationship with movement.

2) Access Body Intelligence.

3) Translate the harmonious, powerful feeling  after exercising into your everyday life.

4) Q & A.


Date : June 20th, July 5th, July 25th, 2020

Time: 11am EST/ 5 pm CET - Europe




Jack Waldas is a former dancer with the New York Theater Ballet and soloist with the Nationaltheather Manheim, Stadttheather Ausburg and Landestheather Innsbruck , Germany and Linz in Austria.

After a successful international career, Jack devoted his life to furthering his knowledge of body movement through dance medicine, yoga, body work, body mechanics and health- oriented movement disciplines. The combination of 30 years of experience lead him to develop his own teaching methods. He is the co-director of Spanda Yoga Teacher Training and the creator of Breathing Body Ballet. 

With a dynamic and total knowledge of body movement, Jack helps you understand your body mechanics , intelligence, and energy with wit , fun, and grace in his dance and  yoga classes and as well in his international workshops.

Jack never stops his devotion for learning body movement . He is currently pursuing movement research and dance pedagogy at Bruckner Privatuniversitat in Liz, Austria.


We believe the commitment to your LIVE class is the first step for transformation. In addition , the power of a committed group makes the process more enjoyable and gives the opportunity to share and see we all have similar experiences. These course is NOT REFUNDABLE.

Each session has a tool and contains an aspect of movement intelligence that can enrich your daily life. If possible, we recommend to take the sessions in order as they built on each other but individual classes also work separately.


*Duration : 60 m each class

*All classes are LIVE by Zoom. Check the dates/ time zones for your area.

*You will receive your online invitation code 10 m before the class starts by email. 

*NOT REFUNDABLE : We believe commitment is the first step for transformation.


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